Laser Tattoo Removal

Don't suffer through the pain when we can help you achieve tattoo removal with out pain.

We help you control your Pain with Laser Tattoo Removal with different techniques. 

Tacoma Laser Tattoo Removal  is different at Serene Medical Aesthetics because we can make the process painfree. We know that the laser for tattoo removal can range from uncomfortable to painful, so we offer medicine for pain relief. Our anesthetist is on hand and available to administer and monitor medical pain relief.  Serene Medical Aesthetics is the only medical center for tattoo removal offering pain management during laser tattoo removal. Our Laser Tattoo Removal process includes the use of a a ruby laser to effectively treat blue and green ink in tattoos. We also have the only ruby laser in the local area for Tacoma tattoo removal. 

We are the only local medical spa for tattoo removal with pain management, a ruby laser specifically for treating all ink colors on all skin types. We strive to make this painful and cost prohibitive treatment affordable, attainable and comfortable for everyone. Don’t let an unwanted tattoo burden you. Contact us to learn more about our services today!

Free Consultations

Find out if you're a laser tattoo removal candidate. Schedule with us for our free laser tattoo removal consultation to get the information you need. This consultation includes education of tattoo removal and an estimate of how many treatments and cost. 


Did you know the color black in tattoos is the easiest  color to remove?

Serene Medical Aesthetics can also remove the green and blue ink in tattoos, known as the most difficult color ink to remove. The greens and blues are more effectively removed with a Ruby laser. Serene Medical Aesthetics is the only place in the Tacoma area that you can find this type of laser where we can treat all ink colors.  Here at Serene Medical Aesthetics we are able to treat all skin types for laser tattoo removal.

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Serene Med Spa

Our Medical Spa is cutting edge in esthetics, known for pain free laser tattoo removal, and other medical esthetic treatments. We offer free consultations.

Tattoo Removal

Zimmer (Cold air blower)


In our Medical Spa, cold air is applied to the area of skin where the laser tattoo removal treatment will be conducted to allow the skin to cool down for a numbing effect. (complimentary)

Painfree AddOn


Receive an injection by a RN, CRNA, or Medical Director in our medical spa for a painless laser tattoo removal treatment $50

Bier Block

Perfect for extremities. This technique uses an IV, and a tourniquet to stop you feeling any pain during the removal. Anesthetist will perform $100.

Serene AddOn


For extra large tattoos or multiple tattoos our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist will sedate you while a Master Esthetician performs laser tattoo removal. $200 + size of your tattoo. *Patient must have a driver to drive you after procedure. **Patient must have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior treatment*



Numbing cream to ease your pain. Use 40 mins prior to your visit. $44

Aftercare Cream


We've done the research for you. We know how to take care of your skin in between treatments so you get the best results out of your tattoo removal process. 



Consultations are about 30 minutes. Here at Serene Medical Aesthetics we do a throughout medical evaluation to see if you are a candidate for tattoo removal. We take time in our medical spa to explain how the process works and answer questions.