Non Surgical Face Lift

PDO Facial Threading lift a non surgical face lift

Serene Medical in offers PDO facial thread lifts in University Place, WA, This procedure is also known as the instant face lift, by Medical Director, Kristopher Brown. 

In a Facial thread lift, absorbable sutures are inserted underneath the skin to instantly and effectively lift sagging skin. The threads are mainly used on the face and the neck, but can also be used to lift skin on the body. The sutures can be used for collagen stimulation, suspension of loose skin, or both. The thread lifting procedure does not involve surgery. It is a minimally invasive and very safe and effective in-office procedure with little downtime. This procedure takes a short period to perform. PDO Thread lift is done under local anesthesia. The results usually last for about a year, and stimulates your body to make new collagen which lasts long after the threads are metabolized by your body. MINT PDO threads are FDA cleared.

Summary of the advantages of the Thread Lift

  1. Instant lifting: People love the instant lift of sagging skin that takes years off the face and neck.
  2. Natural results: Natural yet noticeable results can be achieved with the thread lift. There’s no worry of looking“ over-pulled” or “wind-blown” as with a surgical face lift.
  3. Non-Surgical: Since the procedure doesn’t involve any cutting and incisions, it doesn’t leave any permanent scars like traditional facelift surgery. 
  4. Minimal downtime: Because the procedure is far less invasive than a surgical facelift, the downtime is very minimal. 
  5. Collagen stimulation: The threads stimulate your own skin to gradually produce more collage in the treatment areas over several months. You not only get the benefit of an instant lift, your skin also gets firmer and tighter over time!
  6. Cost-effective: Thread lift is a very cost-effective way to achieve a more youthful appearance compared to other aesthetic procedures, like Ultherapy.
  7. Safety: The thread lift procedure is very safe. In fact, it can be even safer than dermal fillers. Although very rare, dermal fillers have a chance of being injected into blood vessels, which can result in skin necrosis or other major side effects. Since the threads are thin, they don’t have the potential to block blood flow in vessels. Also, since the procedure is done under local anesthetic, it doesn’t carry the risk of general anesthesia used in a traditional surgical facelift.


Medical Director, Board Certified Nurse Anesthesiologist, Kristopher Brown, ARNP, CRNA

Kris is a retired Army Captain. Starting as a combat medic, Kris progressed through critical care nursing / ICU and finally through the US Army Nurse Anesthesiology program.  He is the  Medical Director and Owner of Serene Medical Spa, Kris is a Board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist, ARNP with over 15 + years of experience.  

He utilizes new cutting edge medical esthetic techniques. He focuses on the safest technology in cosmetic injections and procedures. Kris is always continuing his knowledge and education in the medical aesthetics field, as well as encouraging and bringing education to Serene. Education and safety is always number one at Serene. He makes sure only the highest trained professionals are working on Serene's patients.

 Kris is known for his bed side manner, witty humor, knowledge and experience with lasers, pain free procedures, tattoo removal, PDO Facial Thread Lifts, non surgical face lift, Ketamine infusions and cosmetic injections.